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Selling Thai Baht Gold And Silver On-line since 1999
Necklaces & Chains Bracelets Earrings Sukhothai Gold Buddha Amulets "M" Clasps

Our Most Recent Sale......"AVIATOR" STYLE 23K gold 8-Baht Chain and 4-Baht matching Bar-link bracelet. Currently $850.00 per Baht

Dear Tom,

"Perfect transaction all the way. Thanks for the memories"!

All the best,

Arthur Perkins






To inquire on our product: sales@23kgold.com




Call from any phone: 928-202-4532

if we're not in please leave a message for a prompt return call.



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Through the years of selling Thai "Baht" gold on the Internet our business has evolved into more customized hand-made jewelry. Our first Baht chain sold on Ebay in 1999 for $175.

 Today our solid 96.5% gold chains sell for about $900.00 per Baht!...And it seems the price of gold will only be going higher in the years ahead! 

Since we are based in Thailand our overhead is relatively low . We are confident that we can offer the most competitive price for Thai Baht gold you will find on the Internet. Please consider us when deciding on your purchase of  Thai Baht gold jewelry. 

We appreciate your business,

Tom & Pat Pryor





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The buy and sell price of gold for that day is posted on the gold shop window in Chinatown. 


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For over 10 years we have bought and sold Thai Baht gold from Thailand. We specialize in the sourcing of high quality 96.5% (23k) gold, Thai made, Thai Baht gold chains and gold necklaces, Thai Baht 23K gold bracelets, Thai Buddha Amulets with gold frames, 18k, 22k, gold earrings and Thai 96.5% gold clasps. 47-67-93-25

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