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Email us to check availability and to place an order. If not in stock, all items on this page can be custom made at no additional cost. Please allow three weeks for completion. All items are 96.5% pure gold unless noted otherwise.  1 Baht = 15.16 grams. Shipping and Insurance is additional unless otherwise noted.

Baht Weight X Price per Baht = Final gold Price

These are the only traditional Thai necklaces we carry

             Please specify the stock number and description of the item when inquiring.

Price is per Baht (15.16 grams). 

Two Baht is the minimum order on most chains although some designs are available in 1/2 Baht and 1 Baht weights. You will need to inquire on availability. Current pricing reflects the general price for November 2014 so you must contact us for the exact price on that day. We will lock-in the price for you so you will know exactly what the final price will be regardless of market fluctuations.

           $795.00 US 

per Baht (2 Baht minimum)

($50 premium charged on 1 Baht chains)

Please add $45.00 FedEx shipping/handling and insurance.  insurance provided by G4S Security. Item will be Shipped via FedEx Priority in Medium Box.

CALL US NOW AT 928-202-4532 (our USA Skype) to speak with us directly!       

Our Most Popular Thai Baht Gold Chain

Vietnam Era "Aviator" Chain

All Chains Are Available in 2-12 Baht weight


If you served in Vietnam or visited Thailand during the Vietnam war you will remember this chain. Still completely hand made in 96.5% pure gold. This is a photo of a 5 Baht chain recently purchased from an old F-4 Phantom pilot. This is a solid gold chain with a history that's as colorful as the 23k gold that it's made from. Each chain is made to your preferred  length. Current prices are from $1590.00 (2 Baht) - $7950.00 (10 Baht).

Any Import Duty assessed on the purchased item is the responsibility of the buyer. This rate varies by country and ranges from 0% (Duty Free) to 5.5%. You must check on this to see if there will be any additional charges on the imported item. The item will be cleared at customs by a FedEx broker and then you will be billed for any duty assessed.

We provide all documentation to assure the shipment is eligible for "Duty Free" treatment if available in your country.  

All our items shipped from Thailand are G.S.P. A-7113 Eligible

We have been selling Thai Baht gold jewelry from this web site since 1999 while living in Bangkok. All of the photos below are photos of actual customer purchases. These Thai traditional styles are examples of what can be ordered in any weight and in your preferred length. We feel it is better for the customer to custom order a chain or bracelet rather than purchasing one that may not be exactly what they want. Ordered items usually take only two weeks to  complete. We have always offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our high karat gold jewelry. Since the price of gold fluctuates from day to day we kindly ask that you  request a current (per Baht) price quote on our items. 


                                              Click on any photo for a larger image

Thai Baht traditional Barrel link chain


Classic Thai Baht  Bar-link chain


Thai Baht gold barrel link chain Polished Thai classic barrel link chain with invisible linkage. 
23k gold (.965 pure) Length: 15" - 30". Weight: 2-10 Baht.
This one is a 6 Baht.




Thai Baht gold Bar link chain This is an example of a solid gold 10 Baht (151.6 grams) The "Aviators" Chain" 96.5% gold purity.  Weight: 1/2-10 Baht. Length: 17 1/2"-34". 




Braided Rope Chain


Classic Diamond Cut Bar-Link Chain


Thai Baht gold braided rope chain This braided rope chain is made of solid 23k (96.5%) gold wire perfectly braided and very flexible. Length: 16" - 26" Weight: 3- 5 Baht. (Photo is of a 3 Baht chain)  




Thai Baht gold diamond cut bar link chain Classic Thai bar link 23k (96.5% pure) gold chain. Highly polished with diamond cuts. Length: 16"- 26" Weight: 2-10 Baht



  Double Rolo Link Chain


Traditional Thai Baht Anchor Link Chain


Thai Baht gold double rolo chain Superb design concept creating a simple elegance in this solid 23K gold double link chain necklace handcrafted in 96.5% pure gold. The links are solid gold. Available in 2-10 Baht



Thai Baht gold anchor link chain This 23k (.965 pure gold) anchor link chain is solid gold throughout. Completely hand-made. Length: 15" - 26". Weight: 1-10 Baht.




Curb Link Chain




Thai Baht gold curb linkchain 23K gold (.965 pure) curb link necklace. Length: 15"-20". Weight: 3-5 Baht required. Requires 3 Baht minimum to avoid unwanted twisting.




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We specialize in the Thai traditional Baht gold necklaces that have been famous in Thailand for over five hundred years. All of our gold chains are 96.5% pure and can be made in most any length. All of the Thai Baht gold jewelry we sell is handmade by a Thai goldsmith and is unconditionally guaranteed. It's true that "Baht" is the name of the currency in Thailand but "Baht" is also used as a gold weight measurement. A "Baht" equals 15.16 grams or about 1/2 Troy Ounce. The Thai Baht chains photographed above were actual purchases from our customers through the course of the last several years. All can be ordered in any weight and in any length. Thai gold is tested and guaranteed to be 96.5% pure which is slightly over 23K gold.

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