• Solid 96.5% Gold (23k) Thai Bracelets
  • Each one is custom made for you
  • Workmanship is the best Thailand has to offer
  • Priced as much as 50% less than in the US
  • We have been selling online since 1999


Current  January 2018 Price $870.00 US per Baht (2 Baht +) plus Shipping


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B1872 Barrel link bracelet with ball charm

This classic Thai style barrel link bracelet is strongly popular with women in the 1-2 Baht weight and with men in the heavier weights. The above bracelet is a 1 Baht and 7 1/2" in length and comes with a highly polished ball charm. It's available in any weight and length. 


B1873 Astonishing handmade Detail!

3 Baht (45.48 grams) Handmade solid 23k (96.5%) gold bracelet. In stock. $2850.00. Includes FedEx Shipping/Full Insurance/ US Customs Duty paid. 

We do LayAway! 6 months maximum.


B1874 Stunning double hand braided bracelet

 3 Baht "Hoc Sow" Enameled braided rope bracelet. 6 3/4 in length. Extraordinary design and detail with a very dense weave. 8 mm wide bracelet made of solid-core 23k gold hand-pulled wire. 

We Do LayAway! 6 months maximum


B1875 Thai "Picun" pronounced "PEE KUNE"

The most detailed, labor intensive solid 23k gold bracelet available from the magnificent goldsmiths of Thailand. Each bead that makes up the "Picun" design is hand-made. This photo above is of a 5-Baht bracelet. 2,3,4 Baht weights are also available but the width of the bracelet is reduced. Also there is a round version. The above bracelet is was $4375.00 when purchased but please contact us for the current price. 


B1878 Barrel link bracelet with or without charm

We call this a Short Barrel link bracelet. The links are short so it will wrap around the wrist more uniformly. The Thai classic "Barrel link" is a very popular design and we have sold many through the years. Please contact me if you would like any guidance on selecting any item. The classic barrel link bracelet can be ordered in weights of 2 Baht (minimum) to 10 Baht and can be made to your desired length. Contact us if you want to purchase pre-made bracelets of 1/2 Baht and 1 Baht. We can source them from various gold shops. Contact us for current pricing.